Minutes of the meeting held at the Village Hall on 2nd July 2012


PRESENT:        Mrs Mitchelmore (Chairman), Mr. Higgins, Mr. McPetrie, Mr.Mathias,  Mrs.Mercer, Mrs.Sullock & Mr. Widger.

APOLOGIES:   Mr. Hopley & Ms. Moaby.

IN ATTENDANCE:    Cllrs. Brazil & Foss, no members of the public and the clerk

                                                Mr.Peter Roper   01548 854478


MINUTES:       The minutes of the meeting held on 28th May, having been circulated were approved and signed by the Chairman.


 595.          PUBLIC COMMENT/POLICING MATTERS/ County & District Councillors        

                                (a)  Julian Brazil reported on the TAP fund that East Prawle, South Pool and Chivelstone PC's all agreed with the SPC suggestion that the TAP fund should be used to finance extra village cleaning. The next meeting will be at Kingsbridge on 11.07.12. There are two Waste Reviews taking place, no to be confused. The DCC one is concerned with strategic issues related to refuse sites and does not impinge on the PC. The other, by SHDC does, with proposals to lower costs and be more efficient. E.g. next year curb side recycling will be introduced, more waste food collections, greater variety of plastic re-cycling etc. These will be introduced when the current contracts end next year. The £300 claim on the DCC Locality Fund is being processed.

                                (b)   Richard Foss reported on the District Councils adoption of a new Code of Conduct. He gave a £150 refund cheque from the Coleridge Association and reported on current changes for its future running.

                        He also commented on a recent inquiry regarding the proposed Camping and Caravanning Association site at Dearswell Farm.



                 (a)  Affordable Housing:  the Clerk reported that Devon and Cornwall Housing had placed a full page Affordable Housing advert in the Gazette 08.06.12 which stated:                               'Coming Soon - more new homes at Greenbanks Close, Slapton'. One PC Councillor  also reported that a telephone call to SHDC had indicated that building at Slapton  would be starting in two weeks. However, the Clerk has received no information from either SHDC or Tor Homes. The District Councillor offered to make further inquiring at Follaton House on this lack of information.

                (b)  Diamond Jubilee Celebrations: a great success. Many thanks were expressed to Margaret Mitchelmore, Shirley & Will Sullock and Keith Widger for all there hard work without which no celebrations would have taken place.

                (c)  Public Seat in Sands Road: after further discussions it was decided that the current rusted metal seat should be replaced with a rustic log 'seat'. Mr. McPetrie   agreed to attend to obtaining an estimate and placing an order.

                (d)  Risk Assessment: the Clerk reported on the responsibility required by the PC  to regularly check on safety issues with the Council's assets.

                (e)  Grass cutting in the Village:  the Clerk reported on a reply from Robert        Harkness SHDC which apologised for the lack of service recently. He blamed the              extra work load imposed by recent events in Dartmouth such as the Olympic Torch        route cleaning and other events at Dartmouth. Members reported that the work has       been done. Mr. Harkness supplied a current schedule for grass cutting which                   indicated a fortnightly rota through to 19th November.

                (f)  Code of Conduct: after discussion it was agreed to sign up to the District     Council's new Code of Conduct. However, it was decided as a result of advice                 from both Cllrs. Brazil and Foss, to wait before individual Members of SPC                   completed a new Register of Interests.           


597.         PLANNING          

                (a)  Grant of Planning:         None.

                (b)  44/1345/12/F:  Ménage for non commercial use at Poole Farm.             Support.

                (c)   44/1392/12/F: Alterations & extension at 2, Town Cottage.                  

No Objection

                (d)   44/1305/12/TCA:     Fell and Remove Mimosa at Churchwells Cottage.  Accepted.                

598.         CORRESPONDENCE for information only

(a)  SHDC:    Minutes most information now supplied on-line.

(b)  DCC:       'Devon in Touch' ditto

(c)  DALC/CCD/NALC:  also ditto

(d)  Various other circulars, reports and letters.


599.         HIGHWAYS contact: or 0845 155 1004

                (a)   Greenbanks/Greenbanks Close road signs. Mrs Mitchelmore presented proposals to  change the design and position of the two signs at Greenbanks as there has been confusion with postal deliveries. This was accepted and the Clerk will make a request to Highways.

                (b)  Winter Service Review by DCC: Mr. Widger agreed to complete the questionnaire on behalf of the PC.



                (a)  Matters reported by Members:       

(i) The Grit Bin at Marsh Lane has been removed.      

(ii) The Slapton Lines Partnership DVD of the 2nd WW evacuation has been highly commented     

(iii) The buddle holes on The Line are blocked causing dangerous flooding.

(iv) latest meeting of AONB and Coleridge Association.


601.         FINANCE

(a)  Current Account at start of meeting                                      £11,506.10

(b)  Clerk’s  Disbursements for June                                                     £30.24

(c)   PAYE Quarterly tax                                                                        £138.40

(d)   Church PCC donation towards plaque                                        £150.00

(e)   Jubilee Catering    Mrs. Mitchelmore                                             £97.91

(f)   Ditto                     Mrs. Sullock                                                        £197.23

(g)  Devon Rosettes                                                                                 £59.54    


There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.30 pm

 Members of the public and press are welcome to attend and invited to speak at the start of the meeting.  Clerk: Peter Roper Telephone 01548 854478

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